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Credit has a massive impact on your finances. Every day needs such as housing, vehicles, insurance, and utilities are impacted by your credit. We understand this and are here to help you. Credit issues are never planned. One minor mistake on your credit can cost you thousands of dollars every single year. Let us help you take control of your credit and regain your finances.
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We are credit restoration and repair experts dedicated to empowering you to achieve your financial goals for you and your family.

Bad Credit ?

Which dreams are bad credit keeping you from fulfilling? Homeownership? A new car? A new job? Financial independence?

What is your credit costing you?

Answer these three questions to find out.

40 points could cost you as much as$65,189on your loan

* The 30-year fixed mortgage APRs are estimated based on the following assumptions. FICO® scores between 620 and 850 (500 and 619) assume a Loan Amount of $150,000, 1.0 (0.0) points, a Single Family - Owner Occupied Property Type and an 80% (60-80%) Loan-to-Value Ratio

We've helped thousands improve their credit scores. See if we can help you too.


Phase 1 (1-2 months)

We will go over your goals with you. We will give you a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. Within two business days, we will go to work on your behalf. In this phase we are focused on removing any negative, inaccurate, or outated items. We wait for about 30 days for the credit bureaus to respond. We then evaluate if you are ready to move to phase two.

Phase 2 (2-3 months)

Your credit is looking better; we will contact you to see if your goals have changed. In this phase, we will work on a strategy to add positive credit, increase credit lines, and correct any payment history errors. Every thirty days we will evaluate if you are ready to move on to phase three.

Phase 3 (2-3 months)

Our favorite phase is when we give you the green light to apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit. If you find that there are areas you still need to work on after speaking with loan officers, let us know we will help! Once you have reached your goal, don’t forget to send us an email!

Who we are

Juan Sanchez, also known as “Juan the Credit doctor“, is the owner of Credit Army Corporation. With nearly a half decade of experience working in the credit industry, Sanchez has personally reviewed more than 13,000 consumer credit files for mortgage professionals, investment groups and consumers. Labeled as the “Company with Credentials“, Credit Army Corporation works with financial professionals and consumers across the country.

Juan Sanchez and his staff offer “real world” advice and help layout the best course of action consumers need to follow in order for them to achieve their financial goals.

Our understanding of credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies is the key to our success.

Juan Sanchez is an undergraduate of the University of Valencia Community College. Their family served for the USA Army. He has successfully rehabilitated his own credit scores over a 3-year period. Juan is a dedicated professional with a passion for client-centric delivery. He brings with his many years of success in process driven management. He has expertise in credit management, business development, marketing, strategic client development, multi-disciplinary team management, Travel Hacking, and Business Credit.

We bring “real world” applications to consumers who are searching for practical answers to their credit questions. As part of his quest to give mortgage professionals, realtors and consumers a better understanding of the complicated credit system, Juan volunteers his time and knowledge to work with future homebuyers, Veterans and victims of abuse trying to restart their lives and create a better life for themselves and their families.

We believe that credibility in the credit industry is a Must! Through basic credit education, he shares knowledge of false, misleading and unverifiable claims frequently made by collections agencies, credit companies and creditors in order to lure consumers to their services.

As a true and credible credit “Expert,” Credit Army teaches consumers to seek the truth in all areas of their financial dealings. Credit Army is also registered and bonded with the State of FLORIDA and holds certification in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

For more information on Juan Sanchez, Credit Army or The Real World of Credit call or email us today!


Curb overspending

Stay on top of your purchases by paying for your purchases every day, like a debit card.

Increase your credit score

Make sure your bill is always paid on time. Our Credit Optimizer feature can boost your score even more.

Earn rewards without debt

Start taking advantage of credit card rewards like cash back or free travel without the worry of debt.

Overcome the fear of credit cards

Use your credit card like a debit card to avoid debt and get peace of mind when paying with plastic.

Trusted leaders in credit repair

Credit Army has helped hundreds of thousands of clients take action and repair their credit, since being founded in 2016.

Financial industry term for a credit history indicating that a person is a high credit risk. A credit score of less than 560 is generally considered to be a bad credit score.

CREDIT STATUSInterest RatePaymentInterest Paid
High Credit Score3%$413$1,796
Slightly Damaged9%$477$5,646

With many years of experience helping consumers through affordable credit repair, Credit Army have the knowledge and tools to start fixing your credit score by working to remove inaccurate items on your report. Our attorneys know the laws, the roadblocks, and the process. We put our experience to work for our clients, restoring their confidence to pursue important steps in their lives.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The goal of credit repair is to remove questionable negative information from credit reports. This is not an exact science and there are cases in which we may be unsuccessful. Our clients are protected with our 90 day warranty. If you sign up for service with Credit Army in any program, and do not see any questionable items deleted from your credit in 90 days, you will be entitled to a full refund. This does not mean that your credit will be repaired completely during that period but you should see some of your questionable negative items deleted in this period or your money back. (subject to the terms and conditions set forth below).
To apply for a refund please contact Credit Army and speak with a client service specialist by phone, so your identity can be verified. The Credit Army 90 day Money Back Guarantee will be strictly subject to you complying with the following terms and conditions:
1. That you do not create or cause any new derogatory trade lines to be added to your credit report after your participation in the applicable program begins; You make all payments due and owing to Credit Army per this agreement in a timely manner.
2. You upload to our secure portal,  mail, fax,  or email Credit Army all correspondences relating in any way to your credit report within seven (“7”) days of receiving said correspondence.
3. You  upload to our secure portal, mail, fax, or email to Credit Army proof of your identity such as a copy of driver’s license and copy of social security card within five (“5”) days of the effective date of this agreement.
4. You agree to give Credit Army thirty (“30”) days from the date you have requested a refund to allow Credit Army adequate time to review your credit reports and audit your account to verify that no negative items have been removed from your account and to ascertain the reason for this occurring. Refunds limited to payments made for 90 days of service only. (ex. If client is in service for 180 days, with no change made to their history, they can request a refund, but that refund will be limited to 90 days of service).

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Frequently Asked

  • How much does bad credit cost?

    $23,000 Vehicle Financed for 5 Years:

    CREDIT STATUSInterest RatePaymentInterest Paid
    High Credit Score3%$413$1,796
    Slightly Damaged9%$477$5,646

    The cost of credit repair is small compared to the cost of living with bad credit. It affects insurance rates for both auto and home, interest rates, and even your ability to get a job. In the financial sector, you can’t hope to get a job in banking or finance with good credit. Below are a few examples of the cost of bad credit.

     Auto/Car Loan

    If you are making vehicle payments, you are most likely paying between $4,000 and $10,000 more over the course of the loan just for having credit score issues. This added interest shows up every month for a higher payment.

  • What is a Credit Score?

    A credit score is a numeric indication of how likely you are to repay debts such as loans or lines of credit. Lenders use this number to determine how much of a credit risk you are. Credit scores also are designed to indicate your creditworthiness in comparison with other consumers. Each person has a few different credit scores, but your FICO scores are the most important.

     Usually a credit score is between the numbers 300 to 850. The higher your score, the more “creditworthy” you are to lenders.

  • What is my credit score based on?

    • Credit scores are based on the data in your credit report and are generated by computers using artificial intelligence. Many factors contribute to your credit score including:
    • Amount of available credit
    • Payment history
    • Recent requests for credit
    • Amount of credit currently being used
    • Length of credit history

    Your credit score broken down according to

    35% is your payment history, which considers whether or not you’ve paid your past creditors on time.
    30% is your amount owed, or how low your balance is in comparison to your credit limit.
    15% is your credit history length. Longer credit history showing on time payments is preferred.
    10% is your amount of new credit. Research shows opening several new accounts in a short period of time represents a high risk.
    10% is types of credit in use including mortgage accounts, installment loans, credit cards, and finance accounts.

    Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, credit scoring may not use gender, marital status, national origin, race, or religion as factors.

  • How can bad credit be deleted?

    Negative credit listings are deleted from credit reports each and every day!Credit Army is hard at work every day challenging damaging and questionable credit entries on behalf of our clients. Utilizing proprietary and absolutely legal methods, Credit Army is a professional organization working for you and your credit. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, which is why our process is fully transparent once we begin our partnership.

  • How long does credit repair take?

    At Credit Army, we take great effort in repairing your credit as fast as possible. Although everyone’s credit history is different, most people will see progress within the first 30 to 60 days after enrolling in our Credit Repair Program. On average our clients graduate in as little as 4 to 6 months and are empowered to achieve their financial goals.

  • Is credit repair legal?

    YES! You are given the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including the right to challenge inaccurate, misleading, and obsolete items appearing on your credit report. Credit Army uses every venue available to you under the law to help you assert these rights.Challenging items on your credit report is your legal right (FCRA). When you use Credit Army to help repair your credit, we are abiding by all federal and regional laws regulating third-party credit repair assistance.

  • Will I Get Results?

    We have not had a single client who has not gotten results from our program. We know from experience that, due to our one-on-one personal approach, our clients usually have great results. All results are unique to each situation, schedule your consultation to see how we can help you.Challenging items on your credit report is your legal right (FCRA). When you use Credit Army to help repair your credit, we are abiding by all federal and regional laws regulating third-party credit repair assistance.

  • Do you have a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

    Refund/Cancellation Policies:

    Cancellation Policy: Services are provided on a month-to- month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time at least (10) ten days in advance of any upcoming recurring payment. When cancelled according to these terms, the upcoming recurring payment will constitute the final payment due for services rendered. All services are billed in arrears.

    Services are provided on a month-to-month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time. At the time of cancellation, the client is eligible for a refund of their most recent monthly charge collected within the last 30-days.


    Because credit repair depends on a variety of factors, the time will vary. On average, clients are satisfied with the results within four months. Lasting credit repair is a process and not an overnight “quick-fix.”


    Credit repair is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any items on your credit reports that are inaccurate, obsolete, out-dated, or unverified. If an item cannot be verified,it must be removed. If an item is inaccurate it will be updated. In some cases, we can negotiate payment to original furnishers of debt and/or collectors of debt, on behalf of clients.


    Credit Army credit repair program is a month to month service and you may cancel anytime. Just give us a call or email to cancel.


    All services come with Credit Army 90-day back guarantee. If your credit report doesn't improve in the first 90 days, you can get a full refund. Click Here For More Details.

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We realize that credit issues often happen because of unavoidable life circumstances like health crises, divorce, or sudden job loss. Unfortunately, lenders and financial institutions can’t see your character when deciding whether to lend to you. Rather, they only see your credit history and credit scores. We’re here to help you turn those numbers back to your side.

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